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We have, for the past several years, published the most up-to-date, and well researched, article on field management of Snake Bite in North America.
That article, Venomous Snakebite Management dispels myths about treating snakebites using scientific data, and provides instruction in the only effective field management technique for snake envenomation: Pressure Immobilization Technique (AKA: Australian Method).
Now, we offer these convenient, vacuum packed, kits containing all the tools necessary for performing this life saving technique!

Contents Include:
One (1) Pressure Immobilization Technique Guide
Three (3) Elastic Bandages
One (1) Gauze Pad
One (1) Antiseptic Wipe
One (1) Pair Nitrile (Latex Free, one size fits most) Gloves
One (1) Triangular Bandage
One (1) Waterproof Permanent Marker

After donning the provided gloves, and removing any and all constricting items from the affected limb, the marker is used to mark the bite site for later identification.
Antiseptic and gauze pad are used to dress the puncture wounds.
The elastic bandages are used to wrap the bitten limb, starting at the bite site and wrapping upwards to the trunk of the body, and then downwards again to the end of the limb (below the bite). Using pressure no greater than that required for wrapping a sprain.
The triangular bandage is then used to tie splinting or other immobilization in place, to prevent movement of the bitten limb.

Other "Snake Bite Kits" are dangerous, containing harmful pumps and cutting implements, as well as tourniquets that can cause severe tissue damage.
Our kit contains only safe tools for utilizing the world renowned Pressure Immobilization Technique.
These are, to our knowledge, the only kits of this type being offered in North America.

Kits are vacuum packed, a compact (approx:) 5"x4" and 1" thick, with the highest quality materials and sterile contents.

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