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Push Dagger

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A Titus Pullo approved solution, for non-permissive environments.
The push-dagger is one of the most effective personal defense tools, allowing for reliable access, stable grip, and powerful striking. Ground from .21 carbon fiber, this example features an asymmetrical v-ground convex double-edge, for strength. Designed for proper stability in the fist, the push dagger has a 4.75" overall length, with a 2.625" blade that is 1.875" wide, with a 2.375" wide handle.
Sheathed completely without metal, the shock-cord attachment system allows for multiple positions of carry on the belt, or attached to an RCS Pocket Shield or other carry platform.

(Non-metallic tools are shipped only within the United States. It is the buyer's responsibility to be aware of local laws and restrictions on these items).

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