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Pikal Hook

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An on-armor weapons retention/last ditch, or deep-carry, tool without the risks of finger injury.
Utilizing a carefully designed hook feature, rather than an enclosed feature that can trap and injure fingers, the Hook design allows the user to easily access the knife even when carried behind other equipment or deep in the waistband.
Ground from .21 carbon fiber, and sheathed using no metallic components, this tool has an extremely low signature and light weight, ideal for non-permissive environments or on your already heavy kit.
7.125" overall, with an approximately 2.375" edge, the Pikal Hook features a modified-wharncliffe blade optimized for reverse edge methods (thrusting and shearing limbs). The narrow tapered sheath can be comfortably carried in the waist-band with a static-cord attachment, or wedged into PALS channel and secured with zip-ties or cord on armor or LBE.

(Non-metallic tools are shipped only within the United States. It is the buyer's responsibility to be aware of local laws and restrictions on these items).

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