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Do You Sell Other Products Than Are Listed Here?
Yes. That's the short answer. The long answer is that we stock a broad selection of Field Medical, and Wilderness, Urban and Tactical Survival and Tradecraft items that are not listed here. 
Further, we maintain dealer relationships with several companies to offer the best pricing on items to customers seeking custom kits. 

How Do I, or my Organization, Order Unlisted Products or a Custom Kit?
The best way at present is to contact us via email,, with information about your needs.
If you would like help designing your custom kit, information on who you are, what your environment is, what your needs are and what Size, Space and Weight Constraints you have, is a good place to start.
If you have an established packing list for your kit(s), or are seeking a design not for contents but organization/packing solutions, send us that. 
We will provide an appropriate quote in response, and we'll move forward from there.

Do You Ship Internationally?
Yes, at Checkout you can select International shipping. If you feel the price is wrong, please contact us directly with your request, including information on the item(s) you wish to order and the destination country, and we will provide you an invoice (payable via secure service via any major card) with actual costs shipping. (This shipping cost will be final. If higher than the shipping cost in the Big Cartel/Paypal checkout window, you will be held to the final quote when ordering).

What Else Can You Do For Me/Us?
Email us and ask. 
We can provide training, consulting, use suggestion, packing/organization design, custom organizer panels, and almost any product under the sun; But you've got to ask. 
For consulting, training, and other paid services we're available in person, via Skype, on the telephone, via Google Hangouts/talk, and email. 
Our standard consulting fee is $45/hour. We can also provide a quote for a flat fee per project/specific session. 

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